SKAB was founded in 1967 and already from the start the business was to build customer adapted truck bodies for different use.
As the translation of our Swedish company name suggest, we are particularly specialized in manufacturing of special solutions of bodyworks.

Over the years the company has grown and SKAB Group currently employs over 250 people.

In Norway (Oslo), SKAB is represented for sales and service with a fully owned subsidiary, SKAB Norge A/S.
In Laholm, located at the Swedish west coast, another subsidiary in the SKAB group, Lagab AB, is specialized in production of swap bodies, trailers and various kinds of chassi equipment etc.

skiss lagab

Fabrik Projekt Ätran


In Mönsterås, located at the Swedish east coast, we have another  subsidiary in the SKAB Group, Groth Kaross AB.

Groth is specially known for producing of advance OB vehicles for
Radio and TV companies but also manufacturing" standard" solutions of all kind of bodyworks.

skiss skab

Fabrik Karosser Ätran